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The subtitles in the video of Human Brain Holy Place【Huayi Mechanism】
 These articles are interpreted with the Chinese characters which have the same real functions, mechanisms and effectiveness as original substance instead of those languages as forms of symbols. Chinese characters, composed by numbers from 0, and 1 to 9, are dimensional, living words with the same mechanism and effectiveness as everything, which is also the same as the program of the creation and the mechanism of atoms. However, it is hard for us to translate them ideally in English because they have the same mechanisms with original substance. We sincerely invite those who are not only good at English but also willing to share and take part in this activity to accomplish this English version together which is going to be able to achieve the mission of the terminal creatures to solve the problems of mankind and the world and to help mankind upgrade to another level which fits the origin with the suitable ecology and technologies.
Taiwan is the center of the earth and the guidance of the world
(The mission for Chinese to take the responsibility to level up the world is positioned)
The subtitles in the video of Human Brain Holy Place
The mysteries of the universe, the truth of life, and the future of mankind. What is the one hidden behind everything after all? Hua Yi mechanism is a kind of new science which reveals the Truth and the mysteries of the universe. By real existing developed presence and signs, it proves and confirms the very truth of our world. Only with Hua Yi mechanism could us mankind escape from the falsehood which has been for thousand years, reconnect to the origin, and thus solve all human problems. If we could turn the world map by 180 degrees, we mankind will not only unlock the secret signs of the earth, but also obtain many facts and interesting findings what the world wants to tell us. We can see a woman, a dog, a duck, an amphibian, dinasaurs, a sphinx, and people running, a full bow and an energy emit pit. Taiwan is the center of the earth. China is meant to implement human integration.
Hua Yi mechanism, which was hatched up here, through our long-term investigation and intensive certification, Hua Yi mechanism is surely the highest truth of Creation. The starting point of Taiwan is indeed the original point of mankind, and also the energy aggregation point to connect the earth and the universe. What is even funnier is, when we compare it with Chinese thousand-year-old Yi theory, We accidentally found that there are surprising coincidences. Even, this point is the only one for great living dominators.
Moreover, to look into the images deployed on earth, the central starting point of the earth geometrically matches with the origin perfectly. Now, let us change to the normal view with the north on top. It lies in Gongliao Dist., New Taipei City, latitude 24.5840 degrees and longitude 121.5404 degrees. According to ancient Chinese legend, there must be divine monsters guarding the dragon lair. We will see the famous Turtle Island outside Yilan County with larger view. And now we go further and with the view of the east on top. We will also find Flying Squirrel of Taoyuan Valley in New Taipei City. This lair is like a humanoid, the center of it is in the head. Having hatched up Hua Yi, this place has been intensive certified to be the lair of living human dominator. It is also the original point of almighty human brain, which is also called human brain holy place. Having created humankind, the universe must have be leading human how to perform their strengths. Children know nothing when they were just born, but they have the best memory in childhood. That means we should start from the existing top essence of the society. Therefore, human will eliminate themselves without following how we are made and how the mechanism of human brain works. So, There must be a master and must-bes when we all don’t understand the principles and mechanisms of the Creation-Hua Yi. There is an existence of how to do and how to understand, or we are meant to be dominant ourselves. This is what who were born are supposed to understand how to solve the insufficiency of the pre-creatures. Also, being a terminal, one has to restore and integrate to be one, Otherwise, one will not fulfil one’s mission and objectives. Therefore, everything has its own center, especially the human brain must be be misled.
Now, we are showing how to reach human brain holy place with satellite aerial photographs. When you come visiting here, you can go to famous Taoyuan Valley by the way, too. Facing the west, you can realize and obtain the wisdom of everything; Facing the east, we can burden the mission to lighten and level up all creatures. This is the way how people coming here can actually get wisdom and health. For further information about how to reach the place, please see the end part of this video.
Now Chinese Taiwan is formally entering and hosting it as the center of the earth, to match the property of the creation as a terminal to restore to solve the insufficiency of former ones. The mechanisms of human brain is the same as the earth, the solar system, the galaxy, black hole and the whole universe. One level is supposed to be responsible for the next one. Everything existing are only meant to be for us to realize. What’s superb and distinguished is for human brain to restore to match the origin. So the principle of the numbers and the four great mechanisms at the back are the supporter for everything. The solar system and asteroids belt on top are functional bodies and logistics center for mankind. The earth is the control center of the universe, and the Saturn is the terminal planet for human to restore and go back to the origin. On the side, the complete elements varieties shows how human get to merge as one with elements forever at last. On the other side, the world map with the south on top indicates how human should do. At the front, the numbers five five three seven six six, implies how human can combine with the origin. On the ground, the numbers of six, tell us human can achieve comprehensive perfection for all ecologies. The round football here shows that everything under operation can be absolutely merged as one. The number groups around is the mechanism of X, which is also balanced by differentiation. The numbers are also the very end, and so is everything to exist.
Now China is formally entering and hosting it as the center of the world, Assisting and integrating human own mechanism to combine with strengths converted by the present, to accomplish the integrity of human and what all ecologies need.
Now it’s Chinese Taiwan’s turn to seal the gate of the dragon lair
Now it’s time for China to seal the gate of the dragon lair
And then we clean and restore the divot
And now worship ceremony. The worship ceremony is a way to make an already done ecology for the substitute of the truth. To restore to combine to the creation origin of three fours. One copy is to be burnt for the origin. One copy is to be settled down in the starting point, continuing to connect to the essence of the universe to last forever. One copy is for the dominators and key persons to benefit the world.
The worship ceremony once a year is set on lunar 8th of September which is the day before 9th. This is for key persons who represent the origin mechanism to remember: our mission is to accomplish the goal that all can obtain welfare forever. This revelation also follows the mechanism of numbers. Eight, is to benefit everyone ; Nine, is to make the future better. And what do we研in 研究? What do we combine? What do we explore of real Chinese characters? That is the nine and eight in 研究to the way which will build up better future. Even, The future can only be better when everyone can be better first.
Now the implementation of human brain holy place has been done and opened for everyone to join. There is the tomb of legendary emperor of China, however, and the origin of the emperor is in Taiwan. HuaYi mechanism of 華夏is a terminal to dedicate integrity, and the re-generating method of unlocking the deficit. As a restore messenger, to make everyone complete and perfect. To make them return to integrate with heaven, earth and the origin. Like what the inscription says, the very truth must not belong to privacy. Everything has to be clearly unfold to all mankind to experience. Even, for the world, countries and society, talented people belongs to everyone. This must not be resisted, or it will be negative. Jilin Vil., and Gongliao Dist., in New Taipei City,is the center and essence of the whole image of the earth. Gathered in front of us to show us understanding and connections. The dominators should map out Taiwan’s future according to the plan of the origin. This place is the only one in the world which can fully represent the whole world. And to offer the revelation for mankind to upgrade. Thus, Wen-Wu gave out it for better saints to help mankind last forever. A fire phoenix appears during the sunset in Beijing ,China. Which represents perfection and luck, telling us : the job Chinese Taiwan has now been doing, China is able to join and complete the mission. The present promising Chinese leaders, If you want to actually understand the real mission and positioning of Taiwan and Chinese, Come to understand Hua Yi and show the way for others to follow, it’s just the time.
Now, We are illustrating the detail tour guide to reach the human brain holy place with the satellite image. If you are coming here from Taipei or the west, then you should go northbound by National Zhong Shan highway. When you see the traffic sign of six km with Da-Hua system, turn right to connect to Tai-62 freeway, and then turn right to go toward ReiBin. When you see traffic sign of 9km with Nuannuan exit, go down off the highway, Connect to two 丙 Chi-Fu highway to Shuangx , Gongliao. Fulong, And you will reach Gongliao bridge in Chun-Tai road by way of Shuangx. The second path marked with purple color is also beautiful. This time, don’t go down the highway at Nuannuan exit ,keep going forward to connect to Tai-2 coastal highway, and then take a right turn to go for Ilan, when going about 2.2 km after 4th nuclear plant. Take a right turn to enter Gong-Ou road and Shei-Yuan street, and then take a left turn at T rold to Gong-Liao street, and left turn again to 2-丙Chun-Tai road to Fu-Long. If you are coming from Ilan and TaiTong. Go for coastal highway through Fulon until you see gas the station, then take a left turn to JiFu highway. It is the entrance of Grass Hill Path when you go for GongLiao and Shuangx and reach the traffic sign of 1.4 km.
There are red, yellow, blue, three routes to reach human brain holy place. The first red one connects to the second yellow one, the third one is Grass Hill Path for Taoyuan Valley, which will reach human brain holy place first. When you come back, you can take the first red one or the second yellow one out.
If you go with the first red route, take a right turn to Julin industry road around the bridge, Then you will reach the entrance of human brain holy place with the guidance of the red line. This entrance also connect to the end of the second yellow one. There is a railing there set by local cattle-farming villagers. You can get in by the side of it and keep going for 350m to reach it
The second yellow one, after you pass the bridge and are around GongLiao senior high school, please take a right turn to enter SongYang road, And then follow the yellow line, you will reach the entrance. There are two entrances here, one is for car, the other is for walking. The iron gate is installed here not to let car go in. You can get in by the side of it and keep going for 500m to reach it. The walking one is marked in orange, with length of about 350m. The end of it connect to the end of the previous 500m one.
The third blue one, going pass the bridge and go to the entrance of Grass Hill Path. You can also come here by taking a turn to come in at the gas station crossroad of coastal highway and JiFu road. You can take a walk to Taoyuan Valley Big Cattle Hill with Grass Hill Path. This is the place of the head of the Squirrel we showed previously in this video. And then follow the blue line, you will reach the entrance.
If you are coming to Grass Hill Path or Taoyuan Valley, we recommend you to visit human brain holey place by the way. It will be nice that you not only get wisdom upgraded, but also enjoy more new sceneries.