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The email sent to the professors in China to invite them to make mankind promoted【Huayi Mechanism】

 These articles are interpreted with the Chinese characters which have the same real functions, mechanisms and effectiveness as original substance instead of those languages as forms of symbols. Chinese characters, composed by numbers from 0, and 1 to 9, are dimensional, living words with the same mechanism and effectiveness as everything, which is also the same as the program of the creation and the mechanism of atoms. However, it is hard for us to translate them ideally in English because they have the same mechanisms with original substance. We sincerely invite those who are not only good at English but also willing to share and take part in this activity to accomplish this English version together which is going to be able to achieve the mission of the terminal creatures to solve the problems of mankind and the world and to help mankind upgrade to another level which fits the origin with the suitable ecology and technologies.
The email sent to the professors in China to invite them to make mankind promoted
Dear Professor
We have heard so much about your famous education dedication. We, after a long-term investigation, we found out the truth and make it to a film that China has a mission to lead the whole world how to go forward.  It includes how China and Taiwan is supposed to take the duty to be responsible for the earth and mankind, they, as one,  can not be separated. Moreover, it has to be the way that Taiwan acts as a new special-skilled one which is different from those inside China, that way, the original duty will go properly to integrate mankind in the whole world. Therefore, we have been looking forward to transfer these messages to the public, and to implement this special place to be a special district for human to get leveled up. We would like you to review and evaluate it if there is anything we should modify it or make it better.
Thanks so much for your time
We appreciate your specialty and precious opinion
Best Regards
Huayi Human Brain Development & Research Mechanism
Wu Song-Tsai
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Dear Porfessor
We heard so much about your educational career. After a long-term investigation, we found that China has the mission to be responsible for how to lead all human to go forward, and we made it to a video clip. It explains how China and Taiwan take the duty for the whole world, and why they are not able to be divided. Even, It must be that Taiwan needs to be integrated as a different skill-functionality for China to be combined to be a super mode which exceeds all countries in the world. That is why we hope these messages could be sent to the public, and has this place developed to be a special district to promote mankind. So, we wish professor could kindly review it, evaluate it, join the team and offer us your precious opinion, we will appreciate it.

 We are attaching that DVD : discovering the truth of Taiwan---far from what the other countries are like. After long-term evolutional proof, Taiwan is surely the center of the earth, and the starting and restore point, and also the ecological center of the world. Otherwise, why should the essence of Chinese 5000 year culture so hurriedly transferred to Taiwan like that, that is because the whrld world and mankind are in such need to be changed to get better. Moreover, the disturbance in Taiwan now also presents another sign to tell us that.
So, it is quite normal that we have so much problems now in Taiwan, because we need these to be transitionally changed. And now all the political and religion leaders need to be changed,too. If now we do not take the time to develop this place to promote mankind, do not decode our original duty, do not do to act as the front experimental area of China, do not go forward to solve all human problems, everything is going wrong.
Therefore, we are now transferring this message to you to see if you could evaluate it ,and coach us how to spread it over to the public to let everyone understand the importance of China and Taiwan, then it is the time we all understand how important we are. All human are going to appreciate it. And as for the problems about china reunion and all other problems, that is the only way to be solved, and we Chinese are given the duty, so should we to tell everyone in the world.

Best Regards
Song-Tsai Wu
E-mail : huaxia@huayi.org.tw

The existing proof  at the present
If what is happening in the future is really like that, there must be a previous sign showing up, prepared to prevent making mistakes.  For the whole images of the world and what is showing up of reality,  there has been the five five of black president Obama of USA; and the three seven of Chinese leading president Ma-Yin-Jiou in Taiwan, and the six six of the Chinese leader Shi-Jin-Ping in China.
As for Ma-Yin-Jiou, it is supposed for him to be so weak to match it , because the mechanism of the number nine is to make a better future, so the real nine is supposed to decode the substitute of seven, to make the future much better. Therefore, the reason why there comes a nine of Ma-Yin-Jiou in Taiwan is to let the over 200 nations in the whole world know that the way for all the countries to make better future is in Taiwan, and go get it the sooner the better.  However, it is definitely not that president Ma-Yin-Jiou we all see there, he is just a messenger as a substitute to let us know it. Moreover, the one past the present must have a difference of 120 degrees with the one presenting to us. So, it is absolutely right that the real nine is in Taiwan, but there will be coming up to be in the civilians who has the difference of 120 and 180 degrees, otherwise, it is useless for us to keep on learning from the existing type, that will make it worse , instead of being better.
Even , according to the Kan-Xi dictionary, the number nine is defined : nine, the number of rightness; the change of brightness; the 乾 of 易 says that the world will be peaceful if it is ruled with the number nine of 乾元. And in the chapter of列子天瑞 : the number seven is evolved from the number seven, and the number nine is evolved from the number seven, and number nine is the end . It is to say that one two three four is in one direction, and nine eight seven six is another, and it forms an eternal cycle, and the number seven is decoded to be nine, so the number nine and eight in 究 becomes the ultimate and most complete number. Accordingly in Chinese culture, it was called nine nine in the calculation of 義後, and five in 陽戹; and four in 陰戹, which combined to be nine. It is the same with the proof of Chinese ancient culture,too. The real complete one can not be kept in history, and can not be different with what is happening now and what is real. The real complete one must match with the past, the future and the present to be the final real one.