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The last key for USA to avoid being caught up with (previous title: the final way for westerns to keep their knowledge and technology in top of the world is HuaYi science)【Huayi Mechanism】
 These articles are interpreted with the Chinese characters which have the same real functions, mechanisms and effectiveness as original substance instead of those languages as forms of symbols. Chinese characters, composed by numbers from 0, and 1 to 9, are dimensional, living words with the same mechanism and effectiveness as everything, which is also the same as the program of the creation and the mechanism of atoms. However, it is hard for us to translate them ideally in English because they have the same mechanisms with original substance. We sincerely invite those who are not only good at English but also willing to share and take part in this activity to accomplish this English version together which is going to be able to achieve the mission of the terminal creatures to solve the problems of mankind and the world and to help mankind upgrade to another level which fits the origin with the suitable ecology and technologies.
The last key for USA to avoid being caught up with
(previous title: the final way for westerns to keep their knowledge and technology in top of the world is HuaYi science)
Elements is the back end of what the origin prepared; human is the front end of what the origin goes back, the reason why human brain was created is that elements are fixed and insufficient that they need new ones to be created to make it up for the elements to perform in different situations. Therefore, only the human brain mechanism which could be lossless can be the real one, the truly one to substitute the crowd, to restore, and also accommodate to different time and space circumstances by keeping changing and keeping accumulating. That equals becoming energy, conversion, reassembling, resolve existing issues and making up for the deficiency and deficit of the elements. Accordingly, the mechanism of human brain is kind of a organism evolved from the lack of elements, and human bodies is created for the brain to merge into everything as a detecting machine. As to meet he need of the elements, human are made up to be all-around, it is the same as that the twelve different functions of three fours is to match and hold the need of the whole ecology to make it complete, so as everything and all the elements. As by changing and rearrangement to reshape new ones, it is for sure that can not be changed. So is the performance of technology and its effectiveness, it is produced by proper combination of elements. Even whether it performs well or not, depends on if it matches the present. Therefore the argument among human will never be solved if we do not understand the special property of human brain and the original plan about the elements.
Like the relative position of complete elements, as the alignment of Asteroid belt, and how to analyze the original difference among different elements, and relative difference of elements by changing angles, and also the original property, and how they could combine with each other, and the size difference and effectiveness ratio. And after we realize the completeness of elements, the original property and the property to substitute for the others must be exactly the same. Otherwise, it must be that that element must not be completely realized, because different elements are equal-property. That is why different elements is created to surpass the old one. This is the same as the fact that one point and one planar are actually of the same one body and can not be divided.
Inside elements, there is all-around matching ability, it will have better effectiveness if they match each other well, they do not rely on any other thing like other energy, they only have to keep connecting to the present, and this is why elements become fixed forms--- solid state, it has to keep different combination to reach completeness as numbers, and is also the reason why it represent the numbers. Even, how much they match with each other, and how effective they will be, which approves that every element are whole-oriented and all-around instead of being alone. That is why there are elements which almost never exhaust and there are some quickly exhaust. So, with proper combination, that will become substitution and ever-lasting. It can be achieved by five five three seven six six. Even, according to the the minimum divisor, there is no such number smaller than three, which can substitute to be living number, and keep lasting forever.
Being naturally exhausted, needy for energy, and getting hot while running, these are because the improper combination of element and element. In other words, it is incorrect for us to force the element to export energy instead of go with its nature. Even if it is right, we can only say that it is showing up that way to let us know how to analyze it, and it definitely is not a common type but a few experimental samples. Therefore, it, the one does not match with the origin, could even come up negatively, then what happens next of course could be effected negatively, either.
The whole mechanism is condensed in elements, so elements have to be fixed type, even that is why elements has to have horizontal and vertical balance to be complete, or it will become non-all-around because deficit will occur after changing. Therefore, for human to change all those unreal problems, they need something as HuaYi mechanism which has a mechanism the same as the original one. That is the only way for humankind to solve all these problems. And according to the effectiveness of technology, it is for mankind to realize it, to build up substitution, and make up correct rearrangement to match with the future, not the way we used to think of. And, any technology can not keep going up if human can not catch up with that level, Accordingly, For human to get better, for technology to get better, for elements to get complete, complete numbers are necessary. Reversely to say, the appearance of VR technology shows us that the upper and inside part have been empty, and everything has its own responsibility, So, VR tech, way of thinking, and decoding those products does not meet the needs is supposed to be the top priority including decoding the signs of the society. In other words, human needs to have the talent to decode unreal stuffs, as  
1  2  3  4 , and the three fours of I 0 of  1  2  3  456  7  8  9, or it will be negative.
The human race changing led by present humankind has also showed up to us in a practical way. What a man fears most is death, and then what should we do after all? We can not make the answer ourselves, that it will be like living dead if we make mistakes. Instead, it has to be follow the ultimate result of long-term evolution. As human go forward from agriculture to substitutive industries, and then to electrical technology which emphasize the original property of elements, and the inside of the whole ecology. And the elements is not only the end of the origin but also the point to go back. As for how to make use of the inside and outside of elements, and to match the need of the crowd, it has to 180 degrees which has the difference of 120 degrees to be correct. The present recognition of elements is not to take them as a recycle to be complete, and accordingly make the whole ecology exhausted. There are points and planars in  the spiral recycle of three seven, and the ends create beginning, the end is exactly the starting point. The human race change of present world leaders is the same as changing the inside of elements to match it, that is to say, how we understand and make use of elements must be the same as the origin. That also means how we decide our duty depends on how we perform and what negative part we make. Therefore, as for human are now all going for high tehchnology and rely on it, and there is almost nothing technology can do, which approves more that those outside human bodies is exactly our duties and what we should do .
Even more, as for tech comes from the elements, and new applications of tech relies on the rearrangement of elements, and also as for what we confirmed from the present, The terminal duty of mankind is on tech and the re-arrangement of it. For mankind to keep their achievement on top and maintain forever, we must do it by the equation of creation of the non-stopping of three fours to maintain. Accordingly, the property of western people belongs to simply straight like the origin; while the property of Chinese belings to integration as combination, so, it is absolutely not available when western way of thinking has reached its bottleneck and do not connect to the specialty of Chinese. Therefore, the all-around HuaYi mechanism is the final solution for western people, and the last key. It is the same for mankind to become complete, we have to do it in according to the energy of original elements and match with the present, that way, human will not only avoid getting old but also be able to build up better cells with the restore and abstraction difference of the presnes, and also make out the ever-lasting mechanism to make human live longer. This is absolutely right because only human fears death while the other animals fears pain. That is why mankind are able to achieve the possibility of immortality. Therefore, with complete re-arrangement of elements, technology will be more powerful than human mechanism.