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【The questions asked by network company】So far, about how many people have contacted your company? What did they ask and talk about with you ? 《The answer please check the content》

 These articles are interpreted with the Chinese characters which have the same real functions, mechanisms and effectiveness as original substance instead of those languages as forms of symbols. Chinese characters, composed by numbers from 0, and 1 to 9, are dimensional, living words with the same mechanism and effectiveness as everything, which is also the same as the program of the creation and the mechanism of atoms. However, it is hard for us to translate them ideally in English because they have the same mechanisms with original substance. We sincerely invite those who are not only good at English but also willing to share and take part in this activity to accomplish this English version together which is going to be able to achieve the mission of the terminal creatures to solve the problems of mankind and the world and to help mankind upgrade to another level which fits the origin with the suitable ecology and technologies.
【The questions asked by network company】
So far, about how many people have contacted your company? What did they ask and talk about with you ?

Answer : About all the comments about HuaYi, basically and simply speaking, are compliments. It keeps going forward from not being able to believe it’s true that Taiwan is acturally in that an important position in the world. It is beyond our understanding that Taiwan is the center of the earth, and the starting point to achieve the completion of human brain, and Taiwan is the front guard of mainland China, and China is the body and Taiwan is the brain. That is too much for modern people to accept. But when we look into the current existence and proofs, indeed, there seem to be such a thing like that, but this is too perfect for us to believe, too perfect that we cannot even dream about. Not to say this HuaYi mechanism, let us just simply look into the reality, in this space, structure, and this mechanism, there is something that keeps teaching, telling people how to do. Only that they have ignored that mankind are supposed to promote others for them. accordingly, we need to convert it to another space when we make use of present knowledge, and that is the only way to do it right. And the reason we do not perform well is that we accept those happened in the post but no more fit present need and dare not to accept those which is even more perfect and complete. As to humankind being terminals concerning everything, for a man, he has to realize the very essence of the presence. However, those who ranking high as officers have not been teaching the crowd the right knowledge, which makes everyone hard to level up. And that is why at the end of a dynasty, people will disagree with the government and be willing to accept anything new and different. We can see that now mankind has something hard to believe, which means something in human’s brain is apparently not complete to match with it. Otherwise, according to the mechanism the origin has given human, once someone has been given the origin mechanism, there must be nothing he cannot accept.