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【The questions asked by network company】What will you do when there is someone out there who doubt and do not agree with you ? 《The answer please check the content》

 These articles are interpreted with the Chinese characters which have the same real functions, mechanisms and effectiveness as original substance instead of those languages as forms of symbols. Chinese characters, composed by numbers from 0, and 1 to 9, are dimensional, living words with the same mechanism and effectiveness as everything, which is also the same as the program of the creation and the mechanism of atoms. However, it is hard for us to translate them ideally in English because they have the same mechanisms with original substance. We sincerely invite those who are not only good at English but also willing to share and take part in this activity to accomplish this English version together which is going to be able to achieve the mission of the terminal creatures to solve the problems of mankind and the world and to help mankind upgrade to another level which fits the origin with the suitable ecology and technologies.
【The questions asked by network company】
What will you do when there is someone out there who doubt and do not agree with you ? 

Answer : All the questioning and objection comes from the difference of opinions between oneself and the others. Simply speaking, that is because each one thinks he is the right one, but human are potentially unsatisfied, and that everything has an inner trend to protect itself to be one, so surely they will easily doubt everything with the way of denial. That is why the intention is precious, and everything showed up just remains needed to be understood and so that all deficits, questioning and objections will be solved. Also, that is why someone will become best friends. With the fact that a man born to be unsure, certainly he need to prove with everything around him to match with the origin to transfer his old way of thinking to new one. And according to the Chinese characters, 懷疑 is supposed to make people understand the origin and make better future, so never confuse with 怀疑 and 搪塞, otherwise, it is a pity that one will take what the origin offered for re-generation to separation, and it turns out to be a waste. To everyone, something like questioning has been happening every day, it is a pity that mankind have not made use of their own mechanism, and that is why most people feel unsatisfied and pressed. Therefore, questioning is supposed to make one analyze and confirm the truth, which just match that there must be a process for something real, instead of stepping aside and ignoring. It approves more that for one to be more effective and successfully, one needs to have a decoding mechanism to keep on confirming. And, it is absolutely normal that we need long-term and multi-confirmation before we totally make it sure, which matches the rule of nature, too. Fake ones will expose itself with time going while the real one needs long term to be made sure. So, something beyond the present time needs even longer time to be confirmed and accepted. Therefore, there comes the negative one to make those who meant to accept it sooner. And according to the meaning of the mechanism of the Chinese characters, 反 means integration to be complete, and 对 means means giving, so 反对 means offering integration and completion by objection. So, if one want to solve the misunderstanding which occurs because he does not understand the truth, he has to make use of the necessity to turn it out to getting better, to become the material others need to get leveled up. In other words, that is , we do not want the others to listen to us, instead, we hope we could make it to a experience and proof for them to realize, which can solve the problem of theirs to become smooth. There is nothing we can not settle if we could level up both sides and quarantine better future. That is the human nature for us to follow, accordingly, only when one does not understand it, will he force himself to make others happy to make friends with someone, not with the hearty way to be together, and of course that turn out to be not good. That is also, why it is so important to offer a way for others to turn out to be at the present. So it is it to decode and solve all problems, that is also: everything in the world is born to be for some reason, so is questioning and objection, which tell us what we need in the society at the present time.