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【The questions asked by network company】Are there any stories within the completion of this mechanism (any trouble, or something special or anyone involved) 《The answer please check the content》

 These articles are interpreted with the Chinese characters which have the same real functions, mechanisms and effectiveness as original substance instead of those languages as forms of symbols. Chinese characters, composed by numbers from 0, and 1 to 9, are dimensional, living words with the same mechanism and effectiveness as everything, which is also the same as the program of the creation and the mechanism of atoms. However, it is hard for us to translate them ideally in English because they have the same mechanisms with original substance. We sincerely invite those who are not only good at English but also willing to share and take part in this activity to accomplish this English version together which is going to be able to achieve the mission of the terminal creatures to solve the problems of mankind and the world and to help mankind upgrade to another level which fits the origin with the suitable ecology and technologies.
【The questions asked by network company】
Are there any stories within the completion of this mechanism (any trouble, or something special or anyone involved) 

Answer : About the whole story of it, please check out this article showed in the video:
The initiation and dedication of the center of the heaven, he earth and the mankind
The universe created mankind, so surely will it teach human how to make the best of their strengths. Human have been trying hard to last forever, to have a better future, to obtain higher technology, the universe definitely will offer human what they need and the time they need. Otherwise, everything is in disorder and a mess, and there remains no food chain, either, and every one could be on his own way without matching the others. That is impossible. So, there comes better and better skilled organisms or what called technology, without knowing the origin, it forms the existing deficits. Therefore, with everything ready in advance, when the right time comes, the origin will show the mankind how to do, In another words, Chinese says “men will be eliminated if they are not selfish”, however, before they are all eliminated, there will be a special one coming up who is not selfish. It is also like “the bodies of human could lose something while the brain has nothing to lose”. There is nothing to complain if human still do not cherish this last chance, the heaven will not eliminate human but human will eliminate themselves.
The hatching process of this human brain holy place is just like the two-sides-in-one and the four great mechanisms of the origin. From the point of view of the whole images of the earth, the land which burden the point of the center of the earth, looks like a shape of a man and the center happens to be at the head; and the bottom of the sea shows the accordance with returning back to the origin, which implies that there is an special sign of a female direction from the center of the earth to the east. Taiwan is the center of the earth, and everything of human is under control by the brain, and Taiwan locate in the axis of the four great mechanism, which show perfect accordance to represent the implementation of human brain mechanism, that is absolutely sure and necessary, otherwise it will not be the key point of the center of the earth. Like the Chinese characters, they are meant to present the inner mechanism of numbers, or the numbers will become symbols in human’s conscience, and the characters will be the same. In other words, the real meaning of the characters is to build up the accordance of human and objects, especially, Chinese characters fits the demand the best, that is why Chinese characters is an equation to combine human and objects, and also the equation to implement the completion of human brain. Otherwise, how can Chinese people to take turn to lead the whole world that we only have Chinese characters for the essence of the Chinese culture? And why should the traditional Chinese characters, the essence of 5000 year culture be so horridly sent to Taiwan to be hatched up and connect with this dramatic way like this?
That is the same reason that Taiwan has the same birth process with human that the egg ages and enter another level, as moving from ovary to oviduct; then fertilization; then bedding; then start to grow, then baby comes up; then start to learn. It is the same process for Chinese characters condensed from the essence of 5000-year Chinese culture to have responsibility to make the functions of whole mankind complete. We can see the latest five dynasties in China, there are Song, Yuan, Ming, Chin, Hua. Three, is supposed to be the basis of all, and then during the end of Ming, it came to Taiwan as a mature egg; then Japan came to Taiwan as sperm to perform the fertilization; then ROC took the modern Chinese characters of the essence of Chinese 5000 year culture for bedding; then Wen Wu (father of Sung-Tsai Wu) came up to grow up for connecting to the origin; then Sung-Tsai Wu made the Chinese characters of the essence of Chinese 5000 year culture converted to the new science which is necessary to complete, to solve all deficits to match the origin, for mankind to return to the truth, to re-control the talent and help themselves as HuaYi; then ROC take the new different science hatched up in Taiwan, HuaYi mechanism back to China to educate to level up the whole world, to distribute to offer everyone, to give the whole mankind the new better different education.
Similarly, compared with the process of Taiwan, and the birth process of human in another potential point of view, my personal story is the same. I started my own business when I was 27 and I had what I need for my entire life when I was only a few years past 30, and then I transferred my normal jobs to someone appropriate, and started searching for the 5000 year essence of Chinese in Taiwan to achieve the original point of mankind to create new technology and operation. My father passed away when I finally found the place and made it settled, which implies that my father was meant to be buried there to connect to the origin. Then in 1995, I went to Gongga Mountain in China to set up the center place for Chinese people to lead and burden the world. Even there was more than that, my father’s name is Wen(Characters) Wu, and I am working on the restoration of characters for a brighter future. It’s the same as Wen Ming Wu and the 12,000 year-old Yu-Na-Dynasty belonged to Japan which locate in the place 110km right behind my father’s tomb, which is to approve that this original center point did connect to Wen Wu or Wen Ming Wu.
My father was buried at this original place, with the fact that the parents and children have 75 percent same genes, the whole mechanism which is the same as the origin was transferred to Sung-Tsai Wu by 24 years. After that, my father had done his job and sweared to give out this original center of the earth back to everyone. That also means what is really true must belong to everyone and eternity. In other words, after what should be done has been done, it must be turned back. After picking up the bones, my father now had transferred to a Life Garden in Taoyuan with my mother.
Mr. Wu took time to build up this whole new living book of creation mechanism-HuaYi, and it is all showed up and restored right here, which gives everyone complete space according to 55,37,66. Therefore, The original edition books of HuaYi had been printed for 660 copies for worship and what the world need to learn and follow, number 1 of it was sent back to the chamber of traditional Chinese for lasting forever; number 2 of it was back to the chamber of simplified Chinese for lasting forever, the 352 books numbered 3 to 353 are for the nation, the 6 books numbered 355 to 360 were burnt in the 6 burner at the original place, all the other 300 books are for the society or organizations. Now all the work has been done and set open for everyone to join to learn about the creation mechanism to solve problems, the next day, we saw TV news that there were special sunset shaped fire phoenix facing the North in Beijing, which implied perfect and great luck, and the equation created the world could help mankind to accomplish human’s mission, could help assist the earth to modify and adjust the continent plate, could connect with China to lead and attribute to level up the whole world. That also means that to see the phoenix, for Taiwan, we are facing the west; for China, they are facing the east; for Beijing, they are facing the South, which equals that what Taiwan has been doing matches the origin and the whole universe, also, China is able to accomplish this together with Taiwan.
Even, the whole story about this has been so funny and weird, too. At the beginning, when I first found this place, I went to survey the neighborhood about the owner of it, the answer I got was that the place was to build a temple. After knowing that, I thought man should not fight with gods, so I stopped thinking of that. I kept looking for good places, from JiaYi to TaiTong for over 4 year that I have searched all the places which have connections with China, but I had never found another spot like that which could be a starting point. However, about four or five years after that, I didn’t know why I become ill and could not help keep thinking of that place. And also, I went consulting some experts of this area, and I got advised to go back to that old place that maybe they need to raise some cash to build the temple. So I went back to take a look, but there was just the same, I went back to ask someone who I asked before, and he told me that he didn’t know the reason, either. I asked him again if that place could be possibly for sale, he told me that it was hard because there were multi-owners. I said to him that its fine and I told him to introduce those owners to me. What was strange was I encountered no difficulties at all buying this land. Even there was an owner of several-thousand level ground, he forced me to buy it that he told me the price will be ok if he could get it to buy some cigarettes. Moreover, at first, I did not know that their relatives had told them not to sell it ,so  that was a very special land that could not be used in normal way. It was so weird that the one insisted that could not be sale turned out to be the last one to know it, and the one who sold it happened to have forgotten it. So when I went negotiating about the deal, that was the time that he knew that it had been sold, he asked the other one “Why did you sell it? Do not you remember that was told never to be sold?”. I also heard that the reason that land could not be sold was because there was a deal that it was to be for a building a temple, but every time when the temple lord was supposed to visit that place, his feet happened to hurt so much. That temple lord thought it was so strange and he went having a divination in his own house with the land owner, and they got the answer that the land should be for another use. We can see that it was quite unique that at first this piece of original land was hard to deal because it had been settle for new temple, it was hard for a man to fight with gods, and then it turned out to be even gods could not fight with the real one. Why was that? That was because even gods have to perform the reality which makes the future better. This whole story was indeed special; something real cannot be changed by anyone and anything. In other words, it equals that everything could be finally restored to the origin and all deficits will finally be solved, too.