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【The questions asked by network company】Could you please tell me the point of the objectives what your company want to let us know (please imagine I am a common people in need, and I am not a presiden

 These articles are interpreted with the Chinese characters which have the same real functions, mechanisms and effectiveness as original substance instead of those languages as forms of symbols. Chinese characters, composed by numbers from 0, and 1 to 9, are dimensional, living words with the same mechanism and effectiveness as everything, which is also the same as the program of the creation and the mechanism of atoms. However, it is hard for us to translate them ideally in English because they have the same mechanisms with original substance. We sincerely invite those who are not only good at English but also willing to share and take part in this activity to accomplish this English version together which is going to be able to achieve the mission of the terminal creatures to solve the problems of mankind and the world and to help mankind upgrade to another level which fits the origin with the suitable ecology and technologies.
【The questions asked by network company】
Could you please tell me the point of the objectives what your company want to let us know (please imagine I am a common people in need, and I am not a president. I want to know why and how you can help me.) 

Answer : The message our company have been conveying is that  being a terminal creature, we are supposed to fulfil completion, and to recognize  the principles and mechanisms of the origin, and to help to make everything being made the best of, and to aid and coach how to make human brain to combine with existing ones to be what the others need. That is: the original quality which has been testing for long time representing human matches with evolutionary mechanism to produce the skills and methods to solve the inefficiency at the present. That is also like that : there is nothing you don’t understand once you figure out the whole mechanism of one two three four, and one has to make it clear and understand the others so that one will be able to be helped. To say in a simpler way, it is to transfer the words and characters representing all our thoughts to numbering system, to be the same as atoms, cells and the original property of everything. The way of expression from human brain is characters while substances are made of numbers. Therefore, if one man can build up his brain to match with how it was made for by the origin, even if he is only a civilian, he can still absolutely get promoted. And one can also extend one’s life by making his own duty important. Moreover, one is able to change everything as long as he is breathing. So, whether one can get better or not depends on what he really wants and then the other could do to help him, and then he will see the other side because one who does not care enough will not be able to enter this dimension. Accordingly, for a common person or someone back to the surface, by what can he solve his problems and make a better future? It is the spare time he has to deal with the problems those who are in emergency and unable to deal with it. In other words, that is because he possesses the re-generation method of objects himself and understand what others don’t understand, that way, for human in life, the most important thing is to obtain this mechanism about decoding and implant-rearrangement.