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The two key figures in the 21st century who will decide human will survive or not----Sharing of confirmation and achievement by internet author Lee

 These articles are interpreted with the Chinese characters which have the same real functions, mechanisms and effectiveness as original substance instead of those languages as forms of symbols. Chinese characters, composed by numbers from 0, and 1 to 9, are dimensional, living words with the same mechanism and effectiveness as everything, which is also the same as the program of the creation and the mechanism of atoms. However, it is hard for us to translate them ideally in English because they have the same mechanisms with original substance. We sincerely invite those who are not only good at English but also willing to share and take part in this activity to accomplish this English version together which is going to be able to achieve the mission of the terminal creatures to solve the problems of mankind and the world and to help mankind upgrade to another level which fits the origin with the suitable ecology and technologies. 

The two key figures in the 21st century
who will decide human will survive or not

(High intelligence robot army and beyond those new humans whose intelligence IQ exceed normal range and reach 635)
Sharing of confirmation and
achievement by internet author Lee

(* If human don’t start making use of the cerebellum which has more than 95% untapped potential, 10 years later, we will be caught up and eliminated by future robots who have well-developed brain and simple cerebellum.)
 Western prophet, Napoleon and many of the world famous people had predicted: "The 21st century is the century of Chinese yellow" If this prophecy is true, the 21 Century Chinese who have most abroad residence, the least  confidence in their own nation, most needy to rediscover national self-confidence and dignity, surely will not go for the same way of Science of 01 relatively 2D style of brain application, the Chinese will certainly create innovative Science of three-dimensional atlas with a broader style and  more active ,more stereoscopic 3D brain mechanisms.
(Hua Yi intelligent IQ could reach 635 and become a new human spicies, from "Hua Yi mechanism" www.huayi.org.tw)
If you are already talented, its very important for you to read this carefully, otherwise, the robot cannot tell talented people from machines, you will be eliminated with untalented people!
If you are not talented, you also need to read this, because the one who can replace those robota with high intelligence, perhaps - is you!
【Robots  grab your jobs! After a decade half of the jobs will be taken】---this news headline is from Yahoo in 2014/11/10 with  the source of ETTV.
【Robot army of white-collar workers to replace human / AI era comes  2 billion jobs will disappear worldwide in 2030】 this news is the TV program TVBS “Earth Gold Line” at 18:30 on  2014/11/16.
These reports say : it has been  an irresistible trend  that modern industries use robots to produce. According to a report by the US consultancy firm CBRE and China company Genesis, which is 2025, about  10 years later half of the jobs will be replaced by robots or high tech. This study covered interviews of  200 experts, business leaders and young people  from the Asia-Pacific, Europe and North America.
【Author Opinion】:
You may escape an untoward act of God, but never the evil of your own. There are now over 70 million people on earth. Presumably there are 80 million people after 10 years, with the  deductions of  30% children and 30 % old ones, about  48 million. There are about leaving 3.2 billion people who need jobs. Ten  years later, if there are two billion people out of job, then about 60 percent of middle-aged young people cannot survive. There are six people have a crisis of survival in every 10 people. A miserable world is about to come.  this major crisis, should be especially paid attention for such a big country with 1.3 billion people across the Taiwan channel. I am now here  appealing that the President Xi Jinping, in addition to striking corruptive officials, you should stop to consider a great issues which restore the dignity themselves and for generations descendants of cross-strait prosperity for the Chinese nation to regain self-confidence, national dignity, and innovation of Science , the well-being of all mankind for peace, but also for the common people of the world a harmonious and sustainable advance the great cause of the plots, but should take precautions earlier - the country policy and institutional survival system and quickly converted to 120 degrees. (refer to “China can be top of the world if it deal with Taiwan issues well (How should China deal with world)【Huayi Mechanism】”of website www.huayi.org.tw)
"The essence of heaven and earth are the elements of air and water, the original mechanism of the human essence is a clear matter of how to generate, the essence of technology is an alternative to the removal of Ji deficiencies exist." Once high intelligence robot into the military, and then secure the golden rice will not be secure, whether blue-collar or white-collar workers in the high-order will be spared, even the teacher's job will not be secure, because really can do ... "No Child Left Behind, Tireless, individualized "Bainianshuren knowledge of education, who is more competent than high intelligence robot? Can set various academic fields of culture and technology knowledge essence of life of thousands of teachers and teaching wisdom cream in a wafer of high-tech intelligence or wisdom robot video + increase your intelligence computer network, even the sage and teacher Confucius reincarnation, fear also To Iranian society to hand over their job security, human beings really be started by the end of the world to build their own robot brain do? It seems that we humans only two paths, one is waiting for the robot to start human dismissed as minor biological inverted into Armageddon, the second is to start at the same time the Department of mind three brain operations to innovation in order to save primary energy salvation to save the planet.
Warning one. You do not believe in a harmonious and sustainable benefit humanity and the world's primary energy generation innovative technology clearly the non-memory mechanism cerebellum latent in it? Then you may wish to ask every one of their inventors and creators of innovations inspired by the brain or cerebellum? ! And today the human brain thinking has emerged bottleneck limit, because 95% of the results of research and innovation in the world do not have practical, Yi Shi resistance and resiliency.
Warning two. You still do not believe, right? That every one may wish to ask the elderly feel their memory is getting degraded? ! Brain memory degradation = world already show people want to know the fate of the latent knowledge in a timely fashion with the brain = To adapt to changes in the way the times of start and switch to clear the former representative of the cerebellum to perform balancing mechanism, moreover, thirty, begins at forty, five ten to know fate, if not start cerebellum, why - people can stand, to middle age, to fifty to know fate? ! Hiroyuki know the fate of the students, not in order as the main memory capacity of the brain, is the latent energy of the Earth, in ~ Trinity mutual perception of the original generation of clarity into the congregation of the cerebellum.
Warning three. You still own memories of the past ingrained view archived convinced you? The human brain has encountered bottlenecks limit thinking, so that 95% of innovations and patents cannot be converted to a harmonious and sustainable technological innovation kind, weak vague micro original innovation ability and pace of change is far from the Earth's environment and world events, which is the first warning to the older person's memory capacity is relatively decay, dementia and brain degeneration also increase with age and more to find the door, I do not know this is going to change to enable the cerebellum second warning, Coupled with today's huge cloud computer memory and staffing a smart brain and memory functions that depend on dimension archives stored phone or tablet is ready to quickly search index information capabilities, has quickly replaced the millions of years of human evolution, and since two-dimensional model of thinking inertia, so, information and knowledge made big way rapidly changing enormous, so you know, I know, the global village of information explosion era of well-known Internet, with mobile phone, tablet, computer, AI function Internet, Internet video and intelligent robots increasingly strengthened, more work, more quickly and more popular, the level of knowledge of the human brain difference, rank, potential energy, the more rapidly relative narrow, causing This space does not need to present a million human functioning human contend, who also refused to accept who formerly was a high pedestal single academic doctoral level elite intellectuals and government bureaucrats, have been transformed into a vector anti synonymous with the public's incompetence, the old The single plane governing leadership skills and expertise in two-dimensional 2D flattening government's policy framework has been far behind the three-dimensional atlas of 3D multi-~~~ required of "new information in the 21st century new thinking new survival mechanism," the countries in Central the old system of social survival senior government leaders are faced with the imminent collapse of the urgent nature and severity of the collapse of the crisis, is the world's third warning to mankind .
Based on the above three potential refraction warnings, if you are still not alert, still insist on the usual brain, brain spoiled, but unconsciously to hurry to meet the mechanisms to enable the cerebellum, do you really want to wait and be eliminating the old chaff sit back and lose to a better future? Over the past few years, the results of human civilization today, if the brain power, so today the human mind single partial mutual crowded plane, poor wonders and survive the crisis, the original is long accustomed to different brain illnesses caused by so-called " as also the brain, also lost brain ", therefore, to resolve global warming, energy depletion, and human urgent crisis of survival, the key of the key, the world has not been used to the pet's brain, hidden in the three-dimensional structure awaiting total unsealed 3D view of the number of three-dimensional perception of the principles of thinking - Hua Shi mechanism.
High intelligent robots are evolutionary models of automation technology evolution of new generations , the first generation of robots is the industrial era factory automated production line equipment, from steam engines, agricultural machinery, textiles, paper ... until petrochemical, automobile, aircraft manufacturing, etc ... Chu has shaped the shadow robot development stage, there is one on both sides of three robots, positive meaning interpretation is saving more human, so tired of humanity can transition from the era of labor to pay for "cognitive material into nature mental era of innovation, "the system can evolve from the physical regeneration is" thinking system ", but the potential is negative - when a large amount of human labor time is frozen, they did their jobs do not work, there are a lot of free time will be cranky energetic human survival panic, national leaders wise if you have previously come up good way to stability ... "longing for change hearts and minds (brain)"? If you do not have a better way, then you have to thank the world, because the world has given us a new choice and a new approach to resolve the apocalyptic crisis, but also allows a lot of people know ~ destiny, know yourself has a function, reduction of waste  own renewable garbage into gold, deadwood into talent  mechanisms that enable the creation exist latent human legacy of the essence of the original culture and technology innovation will  come!
With more civilized world, more evolved humanities, science and more innovation, must not allow human beings to live life more pressure, but did not survive scare, which is why we need to focus on the purpose of the humanities and science and technology development, and you say, right? ! But the fact is contrary to lopsided, pressure and panic is much larger than in farming, fishing and hunting times, before a person can work to feed their families, today it is the whole family to work hard for a lifetime, not only cannot afford a house, but not expel all soaring survival pressure and panic, not to mention another ten years after the high-tech automated production equipment and highly intelligent robot army want to join the ranks of competition for all jobs, in addition to man in the street, whether well-off or rich, the powerful, we all live increasingly unhappy, because, deep down everyone's also do not want people to know there is a surge of fear and worry and fear of potential shadow  wake up tomorrow social riots, all of yesterday, into the clouds, an instant into the air, can get rid of the fear of intractable human shadow geometric figures showed rapid multiplication, this is a long time since we only know how to blindly extract all the surplus value of the brain, but also enable the infinite wonder cerebellum of the best non-memory mechanism innovation original can, in fact, according to our human-induced performance full of wisdom as well as 95% of the untapped potential of the original energy, it is absolutely possible to resolve this advance mutually destructive crisis - as long as we are willing to be seen, and everything was not too late.
No matter how advanced automation technology and highly intelligent robots could be, just to remember for the spindle, all highly intelligent robot's every move and multi-modal wisdom, we must rely on humans to program coding to write and revise from time to time, unless it is the use of Chinese Hua Shi mechanism to add the word as a starter program, or robot does not only write their own programs, but will not find errors and self-correcting, but the volume of the brain is not as integrated into one into endless, and the human brain total of 1 Among the one hundred million neurons but has half as much as 5 ten billion neurons in the human cerebellum, but not only can guide mankind timely self-correcting, but also self-evolution, self-sophisticated, especially in the cerebellum of the brain are re- quired full precision degree, no matter how high the brain developed intelligent robots are still not match, therefore, only to explore and use their own innate superiority of the accord on behalf of the whole exercise of the cerebellum, and we humans will not be caught up and highly intelligent robot Tide off.
Today the digital computer program is binary:01, and so to be locked into a single one does not melt as professionals since the mechanism, the (* like Tai Chi two appearances, two appearances of Health four images, four images and raw gossip ..., eighty-eight evolved hexagrams, but there was a lack of world recognition as the original hexagram starting with the end had to comply with the mutual Gua, so now the computer beyond 64 yuan = A common bottleneck in the 21st century, computers and the human brain and IQ IQ bottlenecks limit), 01 are two-dimensional, a plane is, the computer program and the robot can perform their own so-called highly intelligent thinking, in fact, still just a stack of digital evolution and extension - fixed, flat memory segment and past historical experience, is inseparable from the inertia of solid type and shadow memory injection control self-conscious human brain, so to avoid humans created by their own intelligent robots replaced by a two-dimensional plane and eliminating off, there are only 95% as soon as possible to develop yet development and innovation in order to free my consciousness to the original energy, so, just as the use of a combination of mechanisms of cerebellar world people perceive each other Trinity "three-dimensional atlas of the activity of mathematical thinking mechanism," according to the world - from the original mechanism to constantly go beyond just the times Memory can rely on a single fragment of the fixed brain thinking highly intelligent robot program into the 21st century ~  new humanity whose IQ truly up to 635.
(* Are you needed by the 21st century ?~ whose IQ exceed 635 when becoming a potential new humanity?! Please click on the link - the only one available to teach people how to use the mechanism of creation of heaven and earth, how to develop the potential of the original energy innovation also create the government and enterprises and the common interests of all the people ~~~ selfless public service, capable of supporting the world "Chinese enforcement mechanisms" website www.huayi.org.tw).


(Photo taken from Shichida website, Dr. real world authority on brain development - Japan Shichida)
[Energy and fluctuations in the universe - the ability to produce a harmonious resonance in the cerebellum]. Japanese scholars Shichida in the "super-right brain Revolution," a book, said: brain cells are operated by brain waves of electrical energy, brain waves with different wavelengths from dense to ease into β, α, θ, δ of four, when sober adult β wave is generated when the child's brainwaves for α wave, θ wave was about to go to sleep when dreaming is such a brainwave, δ waves appeared to be sleeping. Volatility "of the universe is seven ‧ five hertz, just in the middle of α wave and θ waves, humans can rely on their own brainwave meditation remained at seven ‧ five hertz, then the same frequency and volatility of the universe, in theory, be able to receive dynamic energy of the universe. "...... fetal and infant brain waves are seven ‧ five hertz. I interpret the baby's fetal brain, there is no "only my consciousness" to note, therefore, can be more harmonious resonance brain waves and more nearly universal harmony wave resonance frequency than adults, brain development is not yet complete, but unfortunately, it cannot Thinking and Thinking efficiency atlas, world culture and technology required is not conducive to innovation, as an adult by meditation can be maintained at 7.5 Hz, energy and fluctuations in the universe the same frequency, which I have no objection, but nor solely rely on meditation can achieve, but maturity and clear again by meditation, and the world did not even have the original system is also fully compliant with the agreement it is absolutely difficult, like monks meditation farther than the general ability of the world, its fair to say that the human brain innovation capacity should be better fishes, but unfortunately it came out and meditation are virtual and the real control they are not there such a thing, even still inseparable - self, selfishness, asymmetrical side of his own ~ ~ wholeheartedly wish to heaven , therefore, even if the 7.5 Hz brainwave day, every day, and the same frequency fluctuations in the universe, but also with all the innovative insulation, resonance will result in harmony, resonance will result in mutual accord, particle fluctuations in addition to resonance, but also more to be ~ "in order to complete the exercise made" (auxiliary thinking knowing See my blog post udn: wave-particle duality of interpretation - the wave-particle known as the three deficiencies like sex, inspired by the brain, brain thinking origin / Cogito ergo sum / not one in three, no I am not free / vacuum is not empty / non-pure iron, alms - The Thinking), otherwise, it is only in ~ self resonance it, if converted into humanities physical self resonance can be likened to - on behalf of his nature, between a world of self-resonance by the public, harmonious resonance are few, only I were more conscious, no less sense of who I am, humanities, and research and development of technology, more self-resonance-based, as a starting point for center, therefore, social and dangerous, people, 01 polarized conflict between states and the relative compression wave resonances are increasingly more frequent approaching the critical point, there is no advance thinking and ready - to resolve the aftermath of the Road and regeneration, namely continuous self-accelerating squeezing their limited living space, high research and development of human intelligence robot, again adding a case in point. Japanese scholars Shichida said: ability to and the universe "wave" a "resonance" in the right brain, but I believe that energy and the universe ~~~ "wave former can" produce "harmonious implementation of" energy, is the leader Earth, Trinity mutually complement each other in a form-induced, was symmetrical balance each other on behalf of all those who ~~~ cerebellum. He also mentioned the book in addition to brain development, but also to the development of inter ~ brain, but I still disputed, motivation if the human brain developed just want to develop a specific function, supernatural ability or has been replaced by a computer the ability to memorize grandstanding and has been able to show off, not to be used to technological innovation and renewable raw intelligence can evolve harmonious and sustainable living system, all the potential benefits of innovation and original world will be able to cut across the denial of self-awareness, many hours of gifted children or very intelligent person, why the big without good brain sort of man, "the ability to larger, more heavy responsibility", on the contrary, the reverse reaction can be added to the physical world take multiple Pro, the world today, the outrageous, the more the Earth counterattack increasingly frequent violent, that is wrong with the brain by mistake deviation Kai brain.


"Neural brain research advanced and innovative technology," called BRAIN Research Project
(Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies, BRAIN)
US President Barack Obama called BRAIN announced the launch of "research program to explore the mystery of the brain and brain activity diagram drawing" ten-year plan on 2013/04/02, and the statement of its intent, its hope for brain diseases Pa Parkinson's disease, senile dementia and other pathological find treatment strategies and better understanding of the problem gene, genetic, and to understand people's perception, action, and also to ascertain the original understanding of people's thinking - and consciousness. But I interpret eventually all these "innovative wisdom" BRAIN brain research program will be converted ~~~ are transplanted to configure powerful "advanced artificial intelligence chip" feature high power intelligent robots the future, in order to ensure that the US " the world's first scientific and technological power, "the absolute leader.
Whether it is in China to recruit overseas talents in various fields, "people plan" or high-level talent, "people plan" or has the potential to claim the Nobel Prize-winning "Top Hundred" all the world's generation of talent, all the brain in dominant, therefore, brain science is science's top science, culture and technology can also all harmonious and sustainable evolutionary innovation pioneer (leader), scientific talent in the brain is also a talent, 150 years, the dragon Go West fought successor captures long study to know ourselves up short complementary, but returnees talent can only learn to copy Western-style 01 relative brain known pharmacology of the essence in the seventh skills, let alone surpass, all different races have different latent brain thinking and functional characteristics of the body, only to restore the inherent strengths of autologous and return to the world only five years remain immortal and can be sustainable innovation - Oriental style atlas of pharmacology, will it be possible to carry out the yellow Chinese autonomous and self-conscious mutual benefit and help each other up a new era in the 21st century.
The brain research program of western American has reached its top ranking.
The cerebellar development plan of eastern Chinese should foresee the future.